Emerge Family Connections

Training for families and professionals about effectively parenting andcaring for children from hard places. 
A platform for families to share and learn from each other with the support of a trained facilitator.
Intensive in-home parent coaching through PACT: Parenting  Adoptees Can Trust.



Welcome to Emerge Family Connections!

Parenting is challenging, particularly when you are parenting a child from a hard place. Our goal is to offer hope and healing for families caring for children from hard places. These children included biological, adopted and foster children who have endured difficult and sometimes traumatic experiences which have impacted their development. Children from hard places are children who were born pre-maturely, were born with birth defects, had a difficult in-utero experience, endured a difficult birth, experienced abuse or neglect, were adopted from international orphanages, and have special needs.

Emerge offers training, support, and in-home intensive services as a way to empower families to heal and thrive through relationship and connection.

We invite you to explore how Emerge might be a resource for your family.


Jill Crewes and Amanda Purvis



"Emerge Family Connections strives to empower families to connect and heal through knowledge, support, and intervention."